Jessie Massabni


Born in New York and raised in Montreal, Jessie developed her love for singing at a young age. She describes music as “a multicolor palette, each color representing a different emotion or feeling”. Music is more than just a passion for her: it’s an addiction.

At the age of fourteen, her grandfather passed away, which prompted her to write her first song in five minutes. Through this heart-breaking event, she discovered an inner ability to express her emotions that was self-comforting. As soon as she realized the emotional impact of her music on her audience, Jessie knew she wanted to sing for the rest of her life. "My purpose is to use my music as a medium to help and inspire people." Armed with the strong desire to learn and grow as an artist, she never took no for an answer and always found ways to better her craft. “No matter what people around me would say, I always stood firm on what I believed in and I hope to encourage and inspire others to do the same by embracing their uniqueness."


Sound: Colorful waves with edgy frequencies

  • Won't Get Me Back

    Written by Jessie Massabni and Luc Tellier; Produced/mixed and mastered by Luc Tellier


  • "Celebrate your uniqueness."
  • "Everybody is unique in their own way which makes the world a beautiful place."
  • "Staying true to yourself is the real definition of beauty."